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Boosting 'bottle appeal' with NFC labelling’s award-winning drink is created by a dedicated team of expert distillers in Derby, England. The company approached Premier Labels wanting help designing a label that would really showcase their wonderful product.

It was quickly decided that the best way to differentiate’s beverage, help them stand out from the crowd and boost engagement, was to utilise near-field communication (NFC) labelling. 

We decided to transform the reverse of’s label into a marketing piece by incorporating an NFC tag within it.

This NFC smart label added to’s bottles takes customers through to a promotional landing page when scanned using a smartphone or other mobile device. From this page, they can learn more about the drink and brand behind it. 

NFC smart labelling is a versatile tactic brands can use to deliver richer customer experiences and drive awareness and loyalty. The labels can take consumers to landing, product, contact pages and more, while being linked with Bluetooth. Another benefit – especially at the moment – is that they’re completely contactless.

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