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Today’s consumers expect to have information at their fingertips. We're seasoned NFT tag manufacturers. NFC (Near Field Communication)  Smart Labels deliver engagement and communication with a single tap of a smartphone.

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How does NFC Smart Labelling work?

NFC tags communicate with smart devices using radio waves. The labels contain a tiny chip, antennae and storage. When a smart device is tapped on the label, information is instantly passed to the device. It’s the same technology used for tap-to-pay apps such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The technology uses minimal phone battery and is already familiar to shoppers through phone payment systems. Smart labels help to engage customers with a brand and produce an enjoyable experience.

What can you do with NFC Smart Labels?

Smart labels are a great way to link customers to information they might want to access, but which you do not wish to include on your main label. For example, you could use NFC for time-limited promotions, or to link to recipes and social media campaigns. The labels can link to pages with video and audio to help boost brand engagement.

The beauty of NFC is that you can adjust the material a customer sees in real time. You could use this to comment on a particular sport event, or develop a seasonal campaign linked to Christmas or summer. Labels also make competitions and prize draws easy and provide you with valuable marketing data.

Other uses for NFC Smart Labels

There are many non-customer facing applications for NFC Smart Labels. They can be used to help with product control by recording whether they have been exposed to unsuitable temperatures. Labels can also be used for inventory tracking.

NFC Smart Labels help to improve customer confidence, as they can be used to confirm if a product has been tampered with. They are also hard to counterfeit, making them a useful protection for luxury brands in the fight against fake goods.

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Premier Labels' Smart Labelling

Premier Labels can help you engage customers

Smart labels are a versatile and exciting development in product labelling that can help customers engage more with your brand and develop greater loyalty. At Premier Labels, we know how to design, code and produce labels that your customers will love.

This form of technology helps to bridge the gap between online and in-store customer experience. Talk to us about how it could help you.


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