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Swing tag printing services

A swing tag says: this is for you

Printed gift tags or a swing ticket is like an inviting gift label on your product, enticing customers to find out more. You can peep at a ticket without committing to lifting the entire product, and the swinging label helps to draw customers’ attention. Call on our specialist swing tag printing services today.

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What is a tag or swing ticket?

Swing tags and tickets are not stuck onto your product like other labelling. Instead, they are loosely attached using string, ribbon, drilled holes or a variety of other methods to produce a moveable label that graces your product to add to the overall design.

You could opt for a folded card, a hanging tag, or a ticket die-cut in an interesting shape. Tags and tickets can be made from a wide range of materials including synthetic plastics, card, or paper

Why do people like tags and swing tickets?

Tags and swing tickets appeal to our inner child. We want to reach out and touch them, to find out the secrets in a folded card or understand more about how the tag or ticket relates to the product. People are often more willing to explore a tag before committing to reach out for the product itself.

What can you do with a tag or swing ticket?

This form of labelling is a great way to give your customer information that you do not want to squeeze onto the main label – for example, details of other products in a range, instructions for use, or information about your brand.

Tags and swinging tickets are a cost-effective and attractive way to run time-limited marketing campaigns without changing your main label design. Details of promotions, competitions or seasonal recipes can be included in the design to add a sense of vitality to your product.

Premier Labels swing tag printing printed gift tags swing tag printing
Premier Labels swing tag printing printed gift tags Jamaican rum

Designing a swing ticket or tag

There are many printing techniques that can bring your tag or swing ticket to life and make it effective. Premier Labels can help you choose a design that suits your brand, including taking you through the options for embellishment.

You might choose foiling or metallic printing to make your label sparkle, or emboss to make a design stand out. Alternatively, you might go for an eye-catching unique shape for your label that relates to the product or promotion. We can help you make the best possible choice for your brand.


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