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How to Tell if You’ve Outgrown Your Label Supplier

As any business grows, existing label suppliers may start to struggle with growing demands.

However, that poses some difficult questions, and likely means that it will soon be time for you to switch to a more established labelling supplier. 

So, what are the benefits of switching to a new provider, and how do you know when it’s time to switch? We’ll answer these questions and more in this blog.


How to tell that you’ve outgrown your label supplier

As you grow and you start to ramp up your production, your label supplier may well hold you back.

This is a result of three key reasons:

  • Production – As you start to require significantly more labels, smaller label suppliers will struggle to keep up with demand. This is because they simply don’t have the large-scale infrastructure required to produce labels at scale whilst maintaining the quality you require. 

  • Cost – A lack of automation procedures, limited staffing and fewer resources naturally leads to higher costs for the consumer. This is an unfortunate reality for many label suppliers. You’ll realise that you’ve outgrown your label supplier when cost comparisons reveal that you could get a significantly better deal by switching to a bigger, more experienced supplier

  • Quality - Getting your brand right is essential, and your labels are the forward-facing element of your brand, so they have to be absolutely perfect. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your labels to match your evolving brand, then it’s likely time to switch suppliers to someone who can provide the high-quality labels you deserve.

Need tailored advice? See if switching to Premier Labels would prove cost-effective for your business by talking to our specialists today. We’ll offer impartial advice to ensure you end up with the best deal possible, no matter if that means switching to us, or sticking with your existing supplier. We’ll also provide a free sample pack of assorted labels so you can see the Premier Labels difference for yourself. 


What are the benefits of switching suppliers?

Switching to a well-established label supplier comes with a whole host of benefits, both to your overarching business and to your product quality.

Future-proof your business

By choosing labelling veterans, you’re guaranteeing that they’re able to grow with you and facilitate your increasing demands.

Even if you’re not yet at the size where you feel like you need to switch, it still might be a good idea to get the transition process done now, as it’s much quicker, easier and more efficient while you have a smaller operation than in a few years when you’re running something much larger. 

Reduce overall costs

Large label suppliers benefit from economies of scale.

They can produce significantly more labels for you at once, reducing your overall spend as the product is produced in bulk, improving efficiency and bolstering your margins.

This proactively frees up more capital and allows you to invest more into improving your designs, products and processes.

Dramatically improve quality

One of the keys to boosting your sales is improving your shelf presence. 

High-quality labels exude a premium feel, helping your product to stand head and shoulders above competitors. In order to achieve this quality, you need help from the best minds in the labelling business, combining specialist graphic designers with decades of industry experience to ensure you have the best possible product moving forward. 

Adhere to industry regulations

For many industries, particularly pharmaceutical, health & beauty and food & drink, industry regulations absolutely must be adhered to at all times

Well-established label suppliers have a deep understanding of labelling regulations and are able to advise on the information that your labels should contain, the materials they should be made out of and many other aspects of your labels that you may never have considered. 

Smaller suppliers may not have the expertise required to meet your ongoing needs and to keep you compliant with industry labelling regulations. 

Make the adjustments you always wanted

You may have settled on your existing labels, but many people come to us with big ideas for their brand that they’ve never successfully achieved.

Switching providers is the perfect opportunity to bring in a fresh pair of eyes and truly renovate your product labels, helping you to create the labels that you’ve always wanted for your products. 

Sometimes, you’ll be told that the labels you want ‘aren’t possible’. Our friends at Sun Bear Spirits were told that their vision of their new labels couldn’t be done, but our team at Premier Labels were up to the challenge. See the results by clicking here


How to choose your next label supplier?

When approaching a new potential label supplier, you need to come armed with the following questions:

  • May I see examples of your previous work?
  • Could you provide me with suggestions on improving my existing designs?
  • What’s your labelling process/turnaround?

Any potential label supplier should be able to put your mind at ease, show you examples of how they’ve met the demands of a similarly sized or bigger business, and give you accurate timelines on when you should expect your labels.


Future-proof your business with Premier Labels

At Premier Labels, we understand that changing labelling suppliers can be intimidating, and it often feels easier to just stick with your current supplier.

However, there will come a time when you hit a brick wall and your supplier starts to hold you back, despite their best intentions.

Reaching out to us sooner rather than later will help to ensure that your labelling needs are met well into the future. We pride ourselves on our service and deliver, guaranteeing:

  • Extremely fast lead times

  • Industry-leading communication

  • The highest quality label finish

  • A stand-out product

  • The experience required to guide you through the entire labelling process

To talk to our specialists, click here. We’re here to answer any questions, or to send you a sample pack of our high-quality labels. Get this sorted today and future-proof your business for tomorrow.

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