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How Product Label Design Can Contribute to Strong Branding

Discover how the design of your product label can amplify your brand and the many business benefits of strong branding.


As a business that has developed a high-quality product, you may think that once you have decided on your brand colours and logo, you have your branding sorted. 

However, one factor that you need to consider is if your current branding (and labels!) are strong enough to make your product stand out from the crowd. 

Think of branding as a bridge between you and your customers. 

You might offer a premium product, but without strong branding - your bridge - you won’t be able to create a connection with potential customers.

In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of effective branding and how label design can be used to achieve successful branding. 


What are the benefits of a strong brand? 

Increased brand recognition

Did you know that when faced with choices, customers tend to lean towards brands they recognise? That’s because products from a recognisable brand are familiar and can therefore be trusted. 

That’s why, in a sea of competitors alongside your product on the shelf, your brand must be instantly recognisable. 

You could see the highest-quality products in your industry, but without strong branding, you could get left behind on the shelf.  


Positive word-of-mouth marketing 

When it comes to marketing, nothing competes with the power of genuine recommendations.

Yet another reason to create strong branding is that if you consistently generate a positive experience for customers, it will trigger word-of-mouth marketing. 

Satisfied customers will willingly share their experience of your products with family and friends. This organic marketing is invaluable because people are more likely to trust recommendations from those they know. 


Attracting opportunities 

Having a reputable brand isn’t just about attracting customers, it can also draw in potential partners and collaborators. Suppliers, distributors, and retailers look for strong brands to associate with. 

A positive brand image can also attract individuals who want to work for a company they believe in, fostering a motivated work team. 


Reduced price sensitivity

While the price of a product has a lot to do with purchasing decisions, having strong branding can help to reduce the emphasis on a higher price tag. 

The reason for this is that customers are often willing to pay a premium for brands they trust because they perceive the product as higher value. 

With a strong brand, customers prioritise quality, experience, and connection with the brand over minor price variations. 


Increased brand loyalty

If your brand is consistent in delivering high-quality products and value, strong branding can also help to cultivate a loyal customer base, who continue to choose your brand over competitors.


How a label can be used to create a strong brand 

Successful branding isn’t just about a witty tagline or an eye-catching logo. It’s about creating a unique identity that resonates with your customers. 

This emotional connection is what your customers will associate with your brand or products, and labels are a great visual representation of this connection. 

Labels are the first point of contact with your customer from the shelf, which is why they are a great place to start when creating strong branding. 

Here are 3 key ways labels can be used for strong branding: 


Telling your story

From showcasing your brand’s heritage to sharing the story of your brand’s founders, labels are an excellent opportunity to create a deeper connection with your customers. You can also include details about what defines your brand, from your sustainability goals to using organic ingredients. 


Increase shelf presence 

Imagine there are two products positioned side by side on the shelf. 

The first is a premium product with a mediocre label, and the second is a product of average standard with a vibrant and unique label made from high-quality materials.

Which product do you think the customer browsing the aisle will choose?

Many customers assume that the quality of the label matches the quality of the product inside, which means that if your label design is lacklustre, people will expect the same of your product. 

The good news is that an underwhelming label design is easy to fix if you partner with Premier Labels

No matter what look you envision for your label, there are numerous printing techniques and material options available to help achieve your brand aesthetic. From foils and metallics to embossing and vibrant inks, we can bring your dream label to life. 


Positioning your brand 

One crucial aspect of strong branding is positioning your product in the market. 

An effective way to do this is to identify a gap in the market for a specific type of product. By addressing this gap, your brand can attract a niche audience and establish itself as the go-to solution. 

This helps to create a distinct space for your brand, as well as build loyalty with your customers who are looking for exactly what your brand offers. 

Another significant way to position your brand is through quality perception. This ensures that customers perceive your product as high-quality and reliable. This can be achieved through premium pricing, customer services, and using high-quality materials. 

You can also visually indicate the quality of your product through your label design. For example, if you manufacture a premium product, you can design a label that represents this using high-quality materials and finishes. 

Through the use of certain materials or printing techniques, such as foiling and embossing, you can create an air of luxury and uniqueness around your product that customers will associate with its quality. 


Transform your product labels with Premier Labels 

At Premier Labels, we have over 30 years of labelling experience, offering end-to-end services on every aspect of custom label printing, from consultancy to design.

We understand how important labels are for shaping the identity of your brand and making that crucial impact on customers. 

To find out more about how we can help unlock the potential of your product labels, get in touch with our team today.


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