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What is an NFC tag and How Can It Be Used in a Product Label

Discover how incorporating innovative NFC technology into your product label design can allow you to interact with your customers like never before.


An NFC tag is a tiny yet powerful piece of technology that is transforming the way businesses can engage with their customers via their product packaging.

With a simple tap of a smart phone over your product, customers can gave instant and seamless access to a whole host of information, from your brand story to competitions, recipes and more. 

In this blog, we’ll explore how NFC technology works and the many benefits of incorporating it into your product label design. 


What are NFC tags?

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a wireless communication technology that allows devices to exchange information when they are within close proximity. An NFC tag is a small, unobtrusive chip that can be embedded in a product label. This innovative technology allows a seamless connection between smart devices and digital content, such as your social media pages or website. 


What effect do NFC tags have on the environment? 

Right now, businesses all around the UK are doing what they can to make their operation more sustainable. One of the most important benefits of NFC tags is their positive environmental impact.

By integrating these NFC technology into your product labels and making your brand content accessible digitally, you can significantly reduce the need for excessive printed packaging. This means less waste in landfills and a smaller environmental footprint. 


The many potential uses of NFC technology

Comprehensive information at your customer’s fingertips 

With just the tap of a smart phone you can lead your customers to a wealth of information about your brand and product, including your brand history, competitions, recipes, and customer reviews. 


NFC-enabled games and competitions

NFC tags can turn your product labels into intriguing interactive experiences. Imagine your customer purchasing a bottle with an NFC tag and discovering that it’s the “winning ticket” for a special prize. Adding this element to your product packaging not only engages your customers, but also creates a sense of anticipation around your product. 


Link to loyalty programmes 

NFC tags are an invaluable tool for businesses who are looking to build customer loyalty. By tapping their smart phones on one of your product labels, your customers can access loyalty schemes, earning rewards or receiving exclusive offers that will encourage repeat purchases.  


Special editions for events 

Events and special occasions call for unique and memorable experiences, giving you the opportunity to release special editions of your product. Utilising NFC tags can help to elevate your product during a campaign, carrying exclusive content, discounts or even VIP experiences, adding an extra layer of excitement for your customers. 


Practical uses 

NFC tags don’t just benefit your customers, they can also be incredibly helpful for your business.  Another way NFC technology can be used is for asset tracking and inventory management, increasing the clarity of your supply chain and preventing grey market diversions. 


Experience the possibilities of NFC technology with Premier Labels

At Premier Labels, we understand that your product labels should work to create the best impression of your brand and product. 

With a captivating label design and the highest-quality materials in the bag, NFC technology is the next feature to take your labels to the next level. 

If you want to be able to engage with your customers like never before, get in touch with the Premier Labels team today and unlock the potential of NFC labelling. 

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