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What are embossed labels and are they right for you?

Keen to boost your products’ shelf presence? Then you need designs that stand out from the crowd – literally. 

An embossed label adds visual and textural appeal to your goods that’s highly attractive to customers. Rather than fitting in with swathes of flat designs, embossing allows you to create a design that jumps off the shelves.

So how are embossed labels produced, and would this high-end look and feel be suitable for your brand?


What are embossed labels?

Embossing is the art of pressing designs into materials. This results in prominent parts of your design that stand raised above the rest of the label. You’ll also hear the term ‘debossing’, which is the opposite process to embossing, and is used to create indentations.

Embossing can be used to add lettering, a logo or a design to a small area, or to give a 3D effect to the entire label. 

There are a few different embossing techniques. In mass production, custom brass dies or photopolymer plates are generally used to press the design into the material.

It’s a process that requires expertise, as it’s important to get the set-up right. Carefully measured pressure and precision are important, helping to produce a design that looks good, remains consistent and lasts well. 

Materials also need to be high quality to hold the design, with uncoated papers of 90gsm and thicker being a popular choice.

Visual appeal

Embossing is used to create a premium aesthetic for luxury alcohol brands such as Cadello 88, as well as health and beauty products. So why does it make such an impression on customers?

In a crowded store, embossed labels stand out – quite literally. This is crucial if your product is sharing shelf space with goods from rival brands. 

Embossed labels highlight the complexity of the design, suggesting an attention to detail that spells quality in the minds of customers (if you're willing to go to the trouble to look after your label, then it stands to reason that you treat your product equally well).

In addition to this, you can combine embossing with other techniques for a visually stunning aesthetic.

Why not couple your embossed designs with a metallic finish that catches the light? Or perhaps you'd like to add in a tag/swing ticket for an extra layer of tactility?

Speaking of tactility...

The sense of touch

These 3D labels are not just visually appealing, they’re highly tactile too. 

Embossing can be used to write braille for visually impaired customers, particularly on medicines. But that’s not the only reason why brands want customers to run their fingers over their products. 

There’s robust research that highlights how important the sense of touch is to our subconscious decision to purchase something. If we touch an item, we feel a sense of ownership towards it – and will even pay more if we like the feel. 

That’s one of the reasons why companies such as Apple encourage customers to feel their products in store, and garages urge buyers to take cars for a test drive. 

And it’s why when buyers hold a bottle of wine in a shop, an embossed label helps them picture that same bottle sitting on their table at home with two glasses at the ready. 

Sensory marketing

In fact, research suggests that when marketing is directed at more than one human sense, those senses actually amplify one another. That’s the idea behind sensory marketing, and the effects are subtle – but powerful.

So, if a bottle of wine not only looks good on the shop shelf but feels good in the palms of customers’ hands, then it has a particularly powerful appeal. 

An embossed label suggests a product of the very highest quality – and that makes buyers want to choose it above your competitors’ offers. 

Are embossed labels right for your brand?

Embossed labels are better suited to higher end products, as the printing process is a little more expensive to set up.

However, it can often prove to be worth the investment, even on products that thrive on quantity sold. Remember, if your product looks and feels superior to all those around it, it will sell better. Many brands find that an investment in embossed labelling proves beneficial in the long run, especially when looking to establish strong brand awareness.

High quality embossed labels with Premier Labels

At Premier Labels, we use over 30 years' experience to help businesses to create the high-quality labels that their brands deserve.

We create designs using metals, embossing, smart tech, unique swing tags, or any combination of techniques that you'd like!

If you've got any questions, or would like to chat with a specialist member of our team, get in touch today. We're on hand to discuss how embossed labels could make a difference to your unique brand.

Alternatively, give us a call on 01483 423424, or email us at

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