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The Premier Labels Key Product Portfolio

Sometimes it’s important to step back and enjoy some of the work you’ve done. 

Swing Into Gear with Bottle Tags and Swing Tickets

So, you need a label that’s as distinctive as your brand, but you're not sure how to go about creating that je ne sais quoi that you need. Is durability is a key concern, or are you looking to give your products a silhouette that breaks the industry mould? Perhaps you just want to include more information than can fit on your average paper label.

How metallic labels will help add a premium finish to your product

Do you want to add a shine to your product? Are you after a label that will last? Or do you want to put the pedal to the metal when it comes to sales?

What are embossed labels and are they right for you?

Keen to boost your products’ shelf presence? Then you need designs that stand out from the crowd – literally. 

What are NFC-Enabled Smart Labels?

Every once in a while, new technology emerges that really deserves to be called revolutionary. And for the world of labelling, that’s near field communication, or NFC.

How to start a distillery

Are you serious about starting a distillery? While every drink is different and every brand unique, there’s a typical route you must take if you want to become a distiller and create a tipple everyone will love. 

How to Get a Distilling License

With a surge in spirit sales, now could be a great time to enter the market and set up your own distillery.

How To Design Wine Bottle Labels

Looking to launch your own wine? You've poured huge amounts of time and effort into creating an exquisite product, so you'll want to design a label that does it justice. After all, if it’s a brand new wine, that label on the bottle is responsible for grabbing the attention of shoppers and making sure it flies off the shelves!

We covered the legal requirements of labelling in this previous blog article, and touched upon some elements of label design here, too. So, for this blog, we thought we’d share some more unique tips when it comes to wine label design. 

How To Create A Unique Wine Branding Strategy

The world is certainly not short of wine brands, but that shouldn’t put you off launching your own product if you’ve got the passion, dedication and resources to do so. You just need to make sure your wine is branded in a way that’s unique and different from your competitors – and in a way that inspires consumers to pick your bottle from the shelf.

As a company with plenty of experience in the field, here are some of our top tips for creating a winning wine branding strategy.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Craft Distillery?

If you’re serious about setting up a craft distillery, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is the costs involved. Find out more.

Alcohol Labelling Requirements Explained

Similar to packaged food products, alcohol bottles must make certain information clear to consumers on the labelling. A large portion of the details given on bottle labels will be a legal requirement here in the UK and in the EU – let’s explore this in more detail.

A Brief History of Wine Labels

Every winemaker understands the importance of a great wine label, but you may be surprised about their origin. Learn more about the history of wine labels.

Winery Business Plan: 5 Essentials

The UK’s alcohol industry is booming, so setting up your own winery could prove to be lucrative. Find out how to write a winery business plan.



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