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What are NFC-Enabled Smart Labels?

Every once in a while, new technology emerges that really deserves to be called revolutionary. And for the world of labelling, that’s near field communication, or NFC.

So, how can you develop ‘smart’ labels using wireless NFC technology, and what can they do? And, most importantly, how will they deepen your brand’s engagement with your customers?

What are NFC labels?

They’re tiny tags combining a chip, antennae and storage that use radio waves to communicate between nearby devices.

The technology is already used by tap-to-pay apps such as Google or Apple Pay to turn smartphones into debit cards. Devices can also use it to share files and photos. 

And now it can transform your labels too, packing all sorts of engaging information into one smartphone-friendly tag.

Customers simply hold their smartphone near an NFC-enabled label, and have instant access to a wealth of information about the product. 

NFC wireless technology uses far less of a smartphone’s battery than WiFi, making it an attractive option for shoppers.

Real-time information

So, what makes NFC labels so exciting for brands?

Not only can you put more information into one NFC label, you can also broaden the media. It’s possible to include a landing page with video, audio and so on. All this while keeping the label itself visually striking, not crammed with text.

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Material can be updated over time, so brands might choose certain messages at the point of purchase, then update their communications afterwards. For food items, for example, that might be new seasonal recipes.

Brands could even send text messages when it’s raining or sunny, or to tie in a promotion with a hot news topic. They can build communities around specific campaigns, like Malibu did with its ‘Because Summer’ 2018 campaign

Data insights

Better still, all that information can be personalised to customers as each NFC label is unique.

You can let them reorder quickly, and encourage loyalty with promotions, prizes or competitions. 

Each time a buyer taps onto the NFC-enabled label, your brand gains data on that customer and their journey with your brand, providing valuable insights for marketing purposes.

Product control

It’s not just marketing teams who stand to benefit from NFC labels. 

The technology can be programmed to improve quality control, for instance by sensing heat so companies can tell if a product will spoil. You can include inventory tracking, too. 

NFC-enabled labels can also include anti-tamper measures that tell customers whether a seal has been broken – a real plus for security-conscious firms.

Pharma sector

So, which sectors might benefit most? The pharmaceutical industry is one that stands to be transformed. 

Through NFC-enabled labels, pharma companies will be able to track shipments, batches and individual packs to ensure that quality is high. That’s reassuring for patients, too. 

Pharma companies could use the technology to communicate enhanced medicine information about dosages and side effects, and help customers reorder prescriptions.

Luxury goods

Of course, luxury brands are at the forefront of investment in this technology. 

They’re attracted by the anti-counterfeit measures that NFC-enabled labels can include, giving customers confidence that the product is authentic. And they’re keen to learn more about their wealthy clientele for marketing and cross-selling purposes. 

Above all, NFC labels provide the opportunity to add value to products and turn one-off buyers into brand loyal customers. And that’s an investment that any firm is delighted to make.

NFC-Enabled labels with Premier Labels

At Premier Labels, we use over 30 years' experience to help businesses to create the high-quality labels that their brands deserve.

If you'd like to learn more about NFC-enabled labels, or would like to chat with a specialist member of our team, get in touch today. Our experts are well versed in the implementation of NFC technology in labels of all kinds, and are ready to answer any questions you might have.

We can work with you to design, code and produce labels that really truly drive interactions with your customers. 

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