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Swing Into Gear with Bottle Tags and Swing Tickets

So, you need a label that’s as distinctive as your brand, but you're not sure how to go about creating that je ne sais quoi that you need. Is durability is a key concern, or are you looking to give your products a silhouette that breaks the industry mould? Perhaps you just want to include more information than can fit on your average paper label.

All of the above is possible with a swing ticket or tag. Read on to find out more about these unique label options.

What’s so special about swing tickets?

For shoppers, there’s something very enticing about a swing ticket.

Perhaps it’s because it reminds us of childhood gifts, or suggests that the item is luxurious, as is the case with Cuckoo Gin.

Or maybe a swing ticket or bottle tag simply awakens our inner child, making us want to reach out and touch it!

From a retailer or manufacturer’s point of view, a tag or swing ticket also offers very practical advantages.

It allows you to put your branding on an item without spoiling its look, just like you would when selling clothes. This means that customers will see your logo but can remove it before using your product.

Swing tags/tickets provide you with ample space for further information and branding, such as instructions, warnings or promotions. Customers can even lift the tag up to read these essential details without removing the item from the shelf – which is beneficial for large, heavy or fragile goods.

Tags are especially well-suited for marketing purposes. They allow you to include photos of items being enjoyed, direct customers to your website, or up-sell other goods in the same range.

And if you’re running any special promotions, then adding a tag for a time-limited period allows you to attract your customers’ attention – and swing that sale!


Tag or swing tickets: the basics

So what types of swing tags or tickets can Premier Labels offer you?

There are a multitude of materials that can be used. Card is one option, and we can provide various weights, colours and finishes to suit your project.

Synthetics such as plastics are another popular choice for tags.

Depending on the material you choose, the tag or swing label can be attached to your goods by means of drilled holes, eyelets, string, ribbons and so on.


Eye-catching swing tickets

A key reason to pick swing tickets is because they get your product noticed. But how can you make them stand out even further?

A range of printing processes, inks and finishes are used to bring your designs to life. Plus, there are several embellishments you can add.

Embossing involves stamping a design into a material so it stands out from the surface. You could combine this with foiling, which adds decorative metallic glints to key elements of the design. The overall effect spells quality, making these effects well suited for high-end goods.

Another way of distinguishing your item from those of your competitors is through a custom-shaped swing label or tag. Die cutting is used to obtain the precise look that you want, perhaps reflecting other elements of your branding. The silhouette alone makes these tags truly memorable.

And if you want to include more text and images, then a folded ticket gives you the necessary surface area. It’s ideal for manufacturers who need to include instructions; food and drinks companies who want to add value by providing recipes or serving suggestions; or any business which wants to cross-promote other offers.


Swing into action with Premier Labels

When it comes to swing tickets and tags, quality is crucial.

Premier Labels have the expertise and cutting-edge technology to ensure that your labels are perfect for your brand and products.

To talk through ideas and options, get in touch with Premier Labels today. We're here to help you design and build the ideal swing tags/labels to bolster your products' shelf presence.

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