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6 Ways to Build Brand Trust Using Your Product Labels

We all know the feeling – being disappointed that your favourite brand is out of stock, and feeling that other similar products are inferior (even if they’re just as good), but why is this?

The answer lies with something that can be hard to put your finger on – brand trust.

Humans form unconscious biases (even if we don’t think we do); it’s perfectly natural. Our modern minds are consistently barraged with marketing messages, product branding and all manner of techniques that are designed to alter these biases and influence your buying decisions.

By establishing brand trust, you’re essentially changing the way that people think about both your brand, and of others’. Why would they choose something else if yours is the superior product? Your labels need to reflect this.

So, what is the importance of brand trust, and how can you achieve it for your products/brand? In this article, we’ll run through how to build a trusted brand, covering everything you need to know to ensure that your labels are communicating the right things.

What is brand trust?

Brand trust is a subconscious bias that people have towards specific products.

We will, without realising it, choose products that appear more valuable (ones with fancy packaging and custom designed labels). Then, when the product works, or tastes good, we’re far more likely to choose the same product again – that’s brand trust.

Giving your product a premium finish will help it to stand out on the shelves, outcompete competitors and build that essential trust with consumers.


6 Ways to build a trusted brand with quality labels

Your label is the first thing any prospective customer will look at. It truly can make the difference between great sales, and mediocre sales.

Unfortunately, as clever as humans are, we really do prefer products that look better.

Here are 6 tips and tricks that we can share to help you build a trusted brand that stands out on the shelves:


1. Tell your story & talk about more than just your products

We all love an origin story.

Your story adds depth to your product, giving it meaning and providing an anchor point from which consumers can build their affinity with your brand.

Share who you are and show that you’re more than just a product. Perhaps you have specific goals, maybe you operate with a value system that will resonate with your customers, or you might be a small business that only employs a few (incredibly passionate) people.

All of this additional messaging gives your brand a unique texture that people love. Give them a reason to care and, naturally, they will.


2. Be clear and consistent in your messaging

Labels are often lacking in space, and consumers are usually lacking in attention span.

You need to convey exactly what you want to say in as few words as possible. Not an easy task, sure, but get it right, and your label can say everything that it needs to in order to convince someone to buy.


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3. Build a high-quality, representative label

Product labels are tactile things, quality materials look and feel exquisite, giving an air of superiority over other products on the shelves.

You might opt for embossed labels that make your labels literally stand out, or you could include smart labelling technology that allows consumers to connect with your brand via mobile devices (this is an excellent way to communicate your message and bolster brand trust).

Your aesthetic should represent your brand and what you stand for, establishing your unique personality and shining your product in a good light at all times.


4. Hone your tone of voice

How do you communicate with your customers? Do you like to keep it casual, or maintain a business focus? Maybe you split the difference. Whatever you choose, you need to ensure that your voice is consistent across all labels, branding and communication, discussing the key pain points of your audience and talking in their language.

This helps to build brand trust. Consumers will become familiar with your tone of voice and will be subconsciously reassured that it is still you, even if it’s a new/different product (Innocent is a good example of this).


5. Shout about what you do best

Your products are great, why shouldn’t you tell everyone about what you do well?

Mention your unique functions, include specific health benefits, shout about how your packaging is sustainable and recyclable – whatever it is you do best, mentioning it on your labels will help to establish trust.


6. Be quintessentially you

Don’t try to be something that you’re not. People have a sense for insincerity!

The easy route is to try to mimic big brands, but this is never a good idea. By working closely with label design experts, you can create something truly unique and reflective of your brand.

It’s this uniqueness that builds brand trust, above all else.


Build a trusted brand with Premier Labels

At Premier Labels, we believe that every product should have its own beautiful, unique and functional label; one that inspires brand trust and helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Your product deserves the best. If you’ve got any questions, or want to learn more about how we can revitalise your product labels, get in touch with our specialists today.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01483 423424 or send us an email at

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