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The Premier Labels Key Product Portfolio

Sometimes it’s important to step back and enjoy some of the work you’ve done. 

Today’s no different! In this short blog, we’ll be running through some of the labels we’re most proud of to give you an idea of what you can achieve with the right label supplier by your side.

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Sun Bear Spirits

The team at Sun Bear Spirits were told that their idea for a new label was ‘impossible’.

Our team at Premier Labels thought that that was nonsense, and got to work showing them exactly how we’d do it. 

We designed a high quality/high impact embossed label with fine text reversed out of a solid gold rectangle for the logo. The results speak for themselves:


Apsley Farm

When providing UK-leading sustainable farming products (multi-purpose soil, plant feed and other garden products), you need to be confident that your labels are durable enough to withstand the elements.

When Apsley Farm approached us, they were very clear on two things:

  • The labels must be sustainably made
  • The labels must be waterproof and built to last

We decided to add a third:

  • The label must be eye catching & beautiful

The result? A stunning label featuring bright colours throughout, fully waterproof and made from 90+% recycled PCR content. A home run, if we do say so ourselves. 


Cadello 88

Cadello 88’s previous label supplier was struggling to meet their high standards.

When selling a premium product, you need a premium label, not one that scuffs easily in transit. That’s why they contacted us.

We provided them with a label sample pack so they could see and touch a variety of potential label materials (all of which were guaranteed to be durable). 

Once they decided on a material, we got to work producing the high quality labels that now adorn their delicious coffee liqueur.

Want to order your own sample pack? Click here to order yours and see a bespoke selection of high-quality labels.

Untitled design (1)-2

007 Blackwell Rum 

A label suitable for Mr Bond himself, this limited edition bottle of luxury rum was commissioned by Chris Blackwell, designed specifically to celebrate his lifelong relationship with the James Bond franchise. 

The label needed to have a refined aura to match, one that our team were excited to create!

We settled on heavily textured paper to improve hand feel, coupled with two-tone foiling (gold and silver). The designs were then embossed to further bolster the texture of the label.

This resulted in a label that was equally tactile and stunning; something we could see James making a delicious cocktail out of one day.


Revolutionise your labels with Premier Labels 

If your current label supplier is struggling to keep up with your demands, is offering poor quality, lacklustre customer service, or if you’re not 100% satisfied with your existing labels, it might be time for a change.

Premier Labels are (as the name suggests) the UK’s premier labelling suppliers. We provide the highest quality labels, facilitating the entire process from concept to completion.

  • We’ll liaise with your team to get a true sense of your business and your products.
  • We’ll provide samples to ensure the final product has the perfect look and feel for your brand.
  • Our designers will craft and create new label designs that are pinpoint accurate to your specifications.
  • Once finalised, it’s off to our production team, who ensure rapid delivery of your new high-quality labels.

We maintain strong relationships with our clients, keeping you in the loop at every stage.


Don’t settle for less; your products deserve the highest quality labels money can buy. If you’ve got any questions, talk to our team today. Alternatively, request your free sample pack today to see the Premier Labels quality with your own eyes. 

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